4 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

4 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

My top four podcasts you need to check out if you’re not already subscribed!

  1. Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe


Okay, bear with me, this is the first of a couple Bachelor podcasts, but if you’re only going to listen to one podcast from an ex-Bachelor contestant, OTV is easily the one to listen to. Whether you’re a huge Bachelor fan or just watch some episodes here or there, please tell me you know and remember Kaitlyn Bristowe (Chris Soules’ season, Bachelorette season 11). Kaitlyn is easily my favorite person to come from the franchise and I talk about her as if we’re BFFs but its so easy to feel as if you know her from her social media, Off The Vine/Grape Therapy Podcasts and the OG Facebook group! Although Kaitlyn does often recap Bach episodes on her Grape Therapy pods (her extra Thursday episodes that come out weekly) but for the most part, it’s not a basic girl from the franchise talking about the show and whatever. Kaitlyn is for 1, hilarious. I have to stop myself from bursting out laughing on the subway at some of the things she says and talks about with her guests. She is very real, more than most celebs and tv stars tend to lead on but she’s also super versatile with her content, on the pod, that is. Every week (with a couple solo exceptions) Kaitlyn is joined by one or two guests who can be anyone from one of the winners from The Voice, to skincare experts, to her fiancee Shawn B. Although many times I don’t know the guests KB has on, I have never not liked an episode. I listen religiously every Tuesday and Thursday. If nothing else, please check out Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe.


2. Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash


So I’m pretty new to this podcast and frankly this whole David Dobrik saga we seem to be living in nowadays. I remember watching David Dobrik and most of his friend group on Vine when they were big but between then and now I was not really paying any attention to them until somewhat recently. Apparently while I wasn’t paying attention, David grew to be one of the biggest Youtubers, with a whopping nine million subscribers as of September 2018. And now after watching his vlogs for a few months, I totally get it. (If you aren’t aware of David Dobrik or his Youtube career, do yourself a favor and spend a few hours watching his 4 min 20 sec vlogs.) This podcast is basically a continuation of the comedy that David and Jason Nash put in their vlogs but more of a behind-the-scenes or longer versions of the stories and bits on Youtube. If you’re a fan of David, Jason, anyone in the Vlog Squad, or like laughing at dumb sh*t they do for Youtube videos, check of Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash.


3. I Don’t Get It


I Don’t Get It is another Bach podcast (I know) but I really love this one as well. IDGI is hosted by Ashley I. (from Chris Soules season of the Bachelor, BIP 2, BIP3, and Winter Games), her sister Lauren, and ex-producer on the Bachelor, Naz. Okay, don’t stop reading if you’re not sold on this because of Ashley I., because I’m going to tell you right now I honestly couldn’t have cared less for most of the time she was on the Bachelor shows, but for some reason I listened to one of the podcasts from her Insta story and immediately got hooked. The main premise of the podcast is to talk about things they don’t get, whether that be in dating, family, social media, or random little things they don’t get. But they also cover a bunch more than things they “don’t get.” They will have guests on, which are sometimes bachelor people, but often times they are interesting people that you probably wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. For instance, last week they had one of the authors of the book (that eventually became a movie) called He’s Just Not That Into You. They also have an Occupational Series where they have people with peculiar jobs to come on and talk about it. They’ve had an IG model, professional cuddler, and a Royal Family expert. They also do a Ghostbusters Series where they call out and confront people who ghosted people. They things they talk about are super relevant and super relatable to any 20-something trying to figure out your career, dating, and life, really. Go check out I Don’t Get It.


4. And The Writer Is… with Ross Golan


A little bit different from the other podcasts, And The Writer Is… is a podcast based around songwriting. Ross Golan is a multi-platinum songwriter. He studied music at the University of Southern California and has since released songs with an insane amount of A-list artists including Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Ariana Grande, Flo Rida, One Direction, Nelly, Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo, 5 Seconds of Summer, Snoop Dogg, Gavin DeGraw, and Big Sean amongst many others. He's had multiple record deals and is currently signed to Warner Chappell Music as a songwriter. His intro at the beginning of his podcasts do a great job of explaining what the podcasts are, but they are basically catching up of sorts with the featured guest as well as friendly chat about how they started in the industry and their success. As a music lover, I find nothing more intriguing than sitting down and listening to how some of these huge names in music got to where they are and learning more about projects they’ve worked on. Some big guests include Nick Jonas, Ryan Tedder, John Feldmann, Thomas Rhett, Charlie Puth, and more. Check out And The Writer Is…with Ross Golan if you’re a big music fan!


Honorable Mentions

Full Frontal Hosted by Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat


Sadly this podcast is no longer “on air” but it was the first podcast I ever started listening to… I’m thinking five years ago now, and still one of my favorites. I was actually just thinking about re-listening to a few episodes about a month ago because I missed this pod so much! Full Frontal is hosted by Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat, who are two of the four members of the band All Time Low. If you’re not already aware somehow, ATL are one of my favorite bands and have been for years. Surprisingly, I actually didn’t start listening to their podcast when it first came out, in fact, I don’t believe I started listening until early 2014 (which was 6+ months after they started). Unfortunately the podcast is not available on Spotify, but it is still available on Apple Podcasts. Basically the podcast is Alex and Jack goofing off, talking about what’s going on in their lives, reading obscure news, and playing some music. If you’re a big pop punk guy (couldn’t even make it the whole article without using one of KB’s lines) or big fan of ATL check out Full Frontal.

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