Top 5 Halsey Songs to Know

Top 5 Halsey Songs to Know

If you haven't heard of Halsey, you must be living under a rock. After signing to Astralwerks, her debut EP Room 93 was released in 2014 and peaked at  #159 on the US Billboard 200. She released her debut studio album Badlands the year after with the lead single New Americana. Badlands was Halsey's first huge hit, selling over 97,000 copies in the US within the first week and later went platinum. She rose to fame in late 2015 after her single New Americana became a huge radio hit. She again received major commercial success in 2016 when she was featured on the hit song Closer by The Chainsmokers. Most recently, she released her second studio album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Similar to BadlandsHFK is a concept album that revolves around two lovers in a similar story to Romeo and Juliet. 


5. Heaven in Hiding

Heaven in Hiding is on Halsey's latest album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, and easily made it in the top 5. The song is about the two characters at a house party. It basically talks about how the pair is hiding their love, similar to Romeo and Juliet. The narrative is from the first person, with the second's person's perspective is told in Alone. To me, this song showed significant growth, lyrically, for Halsey. The verses are very descriptive and leave the listener with a scene in their mind. The chorus is one of the strongest on the album and the build up is done so beautifully and powerful that really makes for one of the best songs on her sophomore album.


4. Bad At Love

Halsey's recent single Bad At Love is definitely one of the best songs off of her recent album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. I distinctly remember hearing Bad At Love when the album came out and thinking of how great it would be as a single, but never thought it would be because it wasn't a typical radio-ready song. Before the album dropped, Halsey released her first single Now or Never in April and then released Eyes Closed in May, a month before the rest of the album was released. She hadn't announced Eyes Closed as the second single, but there seemed to be substantial promotion behind it, so I assumed it would be, but I am so glad they pushed Bad At Love as the second single instead. The song is Halsey going through a list of her exes and what went wrong in the past. With each relationship, she mentions that she thought they were "the one" but each one ended up going wrong, which is why she's bad at love


3. Alone

Alone was the first song I listened to when the entire album dropped and I fell in love. I don't know what it is about this song but I could listen to it all day. It has another powerful chorus and has some of my favorite vocals on the album. It samples Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.'s Nothing Can Stop Me throughout the song and sounds amazing. Halsey has said that the song follows a bit of a "Gatsby vibe." The song revolves around the second character at the house party that is referenced in Heaven in Hiding, which is the first character's perspective of the party and Alone being the second's. The song deals with the idea of feeling alone even when your surrounded by people. It explores the internal issue of others having high expectations of them but they just want to escape from everything and all of their problems. The underlying tone is although everyone else thinks they have everything, the character can't help but feel lonely and alone in her mind.


2. Trouble

Trouble was the final song on Halsey's EP, Room 93, and is quite frankly, paid dust. Strangely enough, the version of Trouble released was the demo version that Halsey recored. She stated that "We had a couple of versions of Trouble that were really big and vindicated-sounding, but we kind of decided to just put this demo version on the EP instead because we felt like it had a lot more feeling." Generally I would think putting a demo on your first major EP would not be the way to go, but her vocal performance on the track is amazing. The fact that it is stripped and has a very raw feeling to it, makes it that much better and I 100% think she made the right choice releasing this version on Room 93. She has also said that it's pre-choruses is one of the most emotional ones she's written yet, which is easily apparent in the lyrics. The song is about having control and wanting to leave an abusive relationship, but not wanting to play the victim. (Side note: If you listen to Room 93, definitely also check out Is There Somewhere because it is also an amazing song and easily tied with my top 5 here!)


1. Ghost

Ghost is definitely my favorite Halsey song and is always amazing live. After Halsey wrote and recorded Ghost back in 2014, she uploaded it to iTunes, which eventually lead to her record deal. The song was then featured on Room 93 and again made it onto Badlands, and was actually the lead single for the full-length album (not New Americana). Its a great song and I was really surprised to find out she wasn't playing it on the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour.

Halsey is currently on tour in the US supporting Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Be sure to check out her show if you're in the United States this fall or keep your fingers crossed with us that she releases International dates soon!

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