Top 10 Underrated All Time Low Songs

Top 10 Underrated All Time Low Songs

All Time Low has released seven studio albums, two live albums, and well over 100 songs collectively. Because of this, a lot of songs that aren't lead as the singles or aren't played very often are left in the dust and don't get the recognition they deserve. Here's my top 10 most underrated All Time Low songs. 

10. Forget About It  - Dirty Work


Alright I know there is this clear distinction between Dirty Work and the rest of ATL's albums and its practically shunned but I still love this album and there are some major hits that get paid dust and Forget About It is one of them. Sure its a bit more "poppy" as the rest of the album is, but its a jam and so fun when they play it live-- I mean who doesn't get hyped to yell back the talking portion in the middle of the song with Alex? 

9. Nightmares - Last Young Renegade


Nightmares is one of the one of the two songs that All Time Low have yet to play live off of their most recent album LYR, the other being Ground Control. I get this album has some straight up tunes on it and maybe they prioritize this somewhat slower song, but Nightmares needs to get the credit it deserves. Maybe it wouldn't be as great live as some of their other songs, but I wasn't sure how Dark Side of Your Room or Afterglow would be live, but they've become some of the best live songs on their last tour. 

8. Take Cover - Straight To DVD II


Take Cover was featured on the CD portion of ATL's second live album, Straight to DVD II. I was hesitant at first when I saw they were including two new songs on the live DVD, but it definitely makes sense the way they did it. They wanted the two songs, Take Cover and Caroline (B-Side), to be apart of the Future Hearts era, which after LYR was released makes a lot more sense. However, because it was included as STD2 and not on a normal studio album, it is often overlooked but is such a solid song. 

7. Shameless - So Wrong, It's Right


Shameless is song that you listen to with your hands up in the air, dancing around your room. Even though the song is actually about someone who is fake in everything they do, it's got all the classic old school ATL sound. I actually forgot how much I used to love this song until I saw them play So Wrong, Its Right in full at their 10-year anniversary shows. 

6. Stella - Nothing Personal


Stella is such a tune. The beat of this song keeps you hooked and the explosive chorus hits in all the right places. It might be just about beer, like Alex likes to say, but its a fun dancing song that makes for a great song.

5. Kicking and Screaming - Future Hearts


Kicking and Screaming is probably the closest ATL gets to old-school pop punk on Future Hearts but is able to add its own flavor while sticking to the same sound we all know and love. Its extremely fun, upbeat, and high tempo and has everything you'd want in a classic All Time Low song, a catchy hook, fun lyrics, a killer guitar solo and starts out with Alex almost screaming at the beginning of the track. 

4. If These Sheets Were States - Don't Panic


If These Sheets Were States is about being in a long distance relationship and how you'd do just about anything to get that person to next to you with a catchy tune to back it up. 

3. Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver - Don't Panic


This song is honestly just a straight up bop. This song talks about those exes or old people that always try to pop back up into your life. The song literally starts out "stop f**ckin' around with my emotions" and the chorus keeps going back to "why can't you just be happy for me?"  It's amazing live and always gets the crowd going and I wish they still played it all the time. This is just one of those tracks you can’t skip. 

2. Painting Flowers - Painting Flowers


This song is such a good song that almost everyone outside of the true ATL fandom knows and they never play and don't really even acknowledge. The song is featured on the movie soundtrack for the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland and probably doesn't get the recognition it deserves because of it. The song is about feeling lost or disconnected in a relationship, and is probably one of their more mature songs both musically and lyrically, especially for that point in time.

1. Outlines - Don't Panic


Outlines is one of All Time Low's best songs and it is widely underrated. I have no idea why it is a very popular song, but it is easily one of my favorites. It was co-written with Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) and features Jason Vena (Acceptance). As with typical All Time Low songs, you can expect the catchy hook and amazing instrumentals, bit this song definitely stands out in the crowd. Its safe to say when they finally performed this live at Wembley Arena in London while shooting for Straight to DVD II and Josh Franceschi (You Me At Six) came out to sing the guest vocals, I have never been happier. Check out the music video below!

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